My practice primarily focuses on acting as defence counsel and as a solicitor in respect of environmental and occupational health and safety incidents. I have experience advising organizations including public authorities, corporations, and directors on large-scale infrastructure projects, hydroelectric projects, mining, transportation, waste management, and fisheries, as well as land use planning law and environmental assessments.

I also practice administrative law and have experience with tribunals including WorkSafeBC, the Workers Compensation Appeal Tribunal, a federal judicial inquiry, and in courts reviewing decisions made by government and other administrative decision-makers. I have also defended clients in connection with contract disputes and claims for negligence.

I have appeared before the British Columbia Provincial Court, the British Columbia Supreme Court, and in the Federal Courts of Canada.

I am called to the bar in British Columbia bar (2010) and Nunavut (2016) and practice as the Shane R. Hopkins-Utter Law Corporation, which is in a space sharing arrangement with the Alan Blair Law Corporation called the Blair Law Group.*

For more information on my areas of practice to see how I can assist you, visit Practice Areas, or contact me to request a consultation. You can find my articles and legal updates in our News page.


* The Shane R. Hopkins-Utter Law Corporation is a member of the Blair Law Group, which is a space sharing arrangement between the Alan Blair Law Corporation and the Shane R. Hopkins-Utter Law Corporation, who are law corporations independent from each other and not in a partnership.